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This ring size guide only serves as a reference tool. For the most accurate result, please ask the nearest jeweller’s shop to find your ring size.
Prior to printing, ensure that Paper size is set to A4 and Page scaling is set to “100%” or “Actual size” on your print dialog box. (To open the print dialog box, press CTRL +P).

Please use pdf version for print out.

After printing, please measure the bar below. It must be exactly 50mm long.

Your Size

Measure current ring

1) Select a ring that properly fits the intended finger.

2) Place the ring over the circles below. Matching the inside edge of the ring to the circle nearest in size.
This measurement refers to the inside diameter of the ring.

3) If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger s

Your Size
Your Size


B.JOUX rings are coming either as a base A type (regular ring) or as a base B type (wider ring), depending on their design.
Because of its wide shape, the base B type ring has a more comfortable fit.
In case your chosen ring comes as a base B type, we would recommend you to order one size smaller than your regular size.

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

Here are some more tips for finding your ring size at a jeweller’s shop.

Finger size changes depending on time of the day and the weather, so for better results:

1) Measure your finger at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm. (Fingers are smaller in the early morning and whencold.)

2) Measure your finger size 3 to 4 times to eliminate an erroneous reading.

Your Size